• Strawberry Cookie ejuice

    Strawberry Cookie eJuice


    Here is a delight for those who like their cookies baked sweet and a strong taste of ripe strawberries. We spent some time coming up with this flavour we hope you enjoy.

    Strawberry Cookie E-juice another ejuice by Blue Light Vapes.

  • TOBACCO ejuice

    Tobacco eJuice


    Tobacco E-juice by Blue Light Vapes is a strong lung hit that traditional smokers appease towards. This blend has been mixed by hand and steeped for the right amount of time.

    With a strong MAX blend, this is a not a subtle flavour. It will appeal to those who wish to Vape this blend of tobacco.

  • pineapple iceblock ejuice by blue light vapes

    Pineapple Iceblock e-Juice


    On a hot summers day, there is nothing better than a cool pineapple ice block to quench the thirst. We bring you a pineapple taste fruju with cool taste hope you enjoy this one.

    Ready to be vaped ejuice.

  • Kahlua and Coke

    Kahlua and Coke e-Juice


    Kahlua and Coke e-Juice from Blue Light Vapes is a combination of Kahlua and Coke that creates a sweet and refreshing taste. This e-juice is a delight.

    Ready to be vaped.

  • Pink Champagne

    Pink Champagne e-Juice


    One for the ladies perhaps, a nice smooth tasting juice Pink Champagne e-Juice is an all day or all night vape for those looking for the finer tastes.

    Pink Champagne Water Soluble Flavoring. Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavoring Water and Propylene Glycol. USP Kosher Grade Flavoring. Usage Rate 15-20% for E-use. No Refunds on Flavoring. Color Level: Clear Pink. Independently laboratory tested Diacetyl free.

  • kahlua gold ejuice by blue light vapes

    Kahlua Gold e-Juice


    Sinfully delightful white chocolate , with a hint of Kahlua this ejuice is a winner. Kahlua Gold e-Juice comes to you from Blue Light Vapes.

    We have to admit we fluked this flavour when we set out to see what impact it would have on our taste buds and my gosh it is yummy. Thanks to the flavours from Flavor West the dominance of the white chocolate rounded off with Kahlua is divine.

  • Royal Port e-Juice

    Royal Port e-Juice


    Royal Port e-juice tastes like a  Virginia blend with Burleys and a modest amount of black Cavendish. Aged in rum for a rich, mild, sweet smoke and fantastic aroma.

    Another e-Juice the customers came back and asked for more

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  • Cuba Libre e-Juice

    Cuba Libre e-Juice


    Cuba Libre e-Juice comes from The Cuba Libre (/ˈkjuːbə ˈliːbreɪ/; Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkuβa ˈliβɾe], “Free Cuba”) is a caffeinated alcoholic cocktail made of cola, lime, and dark or light rum. This cocktail is often referred to as a Rum and Coke in the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland, India, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand where the lime juice may or may not be included.

    This is a very popular e-Juice amongst our customers supplies are limited get your Cuba Libre e-Juice quick

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  • Raspberry Bubblegum e-Juice

    Raspberry Bubblegum e-Juice


    Who loves bubblegum? We have raspberry bubblegum e-Juice one of our first e-Juice range available without a subscription plan, available for the first time direct.

    Hand made ready to vape its a delightful vape for those wanting a taste of old school bubblegum with a compliment of raspberry flavour.

    A strong fruit flavour on the outside with a sweet bubble gum flavour on the inside

    Ready to be vaped ejuice.

  • Sherbert Fizz e-Juice

    Sherbert Fizz e-Juice


    Sherbert Fizz e-Juice made from fresh raspberries mixed with tart lemonade makes for a sweet and refreshing e-liquid.

    Sherbert Fizz e-Juice is that Summer loving feeling, had me a blast!  Summer loving, happened so fast its been a favorite of many of our customers.  Raspberry lemonade will keep you feeling the summer love.  Try it today!


  • Old Fashioned Apple Pie e-Juice

    Old Fashioned Apple Pie e-Juice


    Who doesn’t remember the Old Fashioned Apple Pie Grandma use to make? As an e-Juice we have tried best to come up with a favourite of many Old Fashioned Apple Pie e-Juice, strong flavouring keeps them coming back for more.

    An enjoyable vape with a smooth tone and a mellow exhale. This one is a favourite of many Vapers it’s a taste that can’t go wrong.

    Truly an explosion of fruity excellence that will keep you coming back for more.