Here you can find e-cigarette kits, replacement coils, tanks, batteries, battery chargers, tools, all the different components and accessories you need. Just browse our categories below to find what you need.


    KANGER (15)

  • Replacement Coil Heads

    Replacement Coil Heads (17)

    Replacement Coil Heads

    A coil head is the replaceable part of your SMOKTECH, CE5, Kanger, Vision, and others. Each is unique to your device if you are uncertain on which to buy, contact us. Be sure to choose the right coil head for your device.

    SMOKTECH (13)

  • Starter eCigarette Kits

    Starter eCigarette Kits (6)

    Starter eCigarette Kits

    Anyone new to vaping and even experienced vapers can be a little overwhelmed with all of the different mods, options, and devices available. This is a selection of kits for the new to vaping, these are a selection of kits, to begin with. Vape kits often come with everything you need to get started, such as a MOD, compatible tank, charger cable, and atomizer.
  • e-Cigarette Kits

    e-Cigarette Kits (14)

    e-Cigarette Kits

    Here at Blue Light Vapes, we have some of the best electronic cigarette starter kits for beginners and pros. Offering brands such as SMOK and KANGER we offer some of the best products on the Vape market. Deciding on the proper e cig kit can be difficult for beginner vapers. A beginner should start off by purchasing a kit that contains at least 1 battery, 1 cartomizer tank, and 1 x USB charger. Then buy a bottle of E-liquid if you haven't yet done so.
  • Complete eCigarette and eJuice (free samples) Kits

    Complete eCigarette and eJuice (free samples) Kits (3)

    Electronic cigarettes where do I start? It can be a truly daunting process to step into it. RDA’s, Mechanical Mods, Variable Voltage Mod, Temperature Control, Ohms, what are the words and what do they mean? First of all you need a place to start. We have made it easy for you by offering 3 combinations of what you need to start your switch. We have tailored 2 complete eCigarette and eJuice (free samples with optional nicotine) kits to get you started.
  • Advanced and Regulated MODs

    Advanced and Regulated MODs (8)

     Advanced and Regulated MODs

    Our range of advanced and temperature controlled MODs. If you’re new to vaping then we recommend you check out our range of starter kits. Note: Some MODs require external batteries, check the individual product listings for more information.
  • Tanks, Tips & Clearomizers

    Tanks, Tips & Clearomizers (11)

    Tanks, Tips & Clearomizers

    The tank (also known as clearomizers or glassomizers) is the component which holds your e-juice and houses your coil head. If you're new to vaping then we'd recommend a starter kit that comes with a built in tank, but if you're looking to customize your vaping experience or simply want a spare then you're in the right place because we've got more tanks than you can shake a vape a
  • Batteries / Chargers

    Batteries / Chargers (12)

    Batteries and Chargers

    Here is our selection of batteries and chargers. E-cigarettes require high drain batteries or IMR batteries the most common battery used by e-cigarettes are the 18650 model we have a selection of some of the best on the market for you to choose from. To run an e-cigarette you must use “High Drain” rechargeable batteries. These are special batteries manufactured to give you the power to heat up your e-cigarette. Don’t be fooled in to thinking you can use any sort of battery beware of cheap options because they will not sustain the power needed to heat your coils for any length of time.
  • Tools & Accessories

    Tools & Accessories (9)