Welcome to the web’s primary source for exceptional e-liquid. it’s no mystery that one of the great parts of switching to vapour from flammable tobacco is the flavours. whether or not you are searching for something to meet that sweet tooth or you’re at the hunt for menthol with simply the right quantity of kick, we’ve got were given you included. We have a good staple range to get you started.

  • Deep South Resistance

    Deep South Resistance (6)

    Taking the local market by storm we are pleased to announce a selection of Deep South Resistances eliquids available on Blue Light Vapes. Leading the revolution from one of the most southern points in New Zealand, we have a range of 120ml bottles from their selection. This is a quote below which sums up D.S.R.
    Hey there comrades and welcome to Deep South Resistance, home to probably the worlds most southern e-liquid. We like to say that DSR has no bullshit, just good shit.
    Copyright 2018 © Deep South Resistance™
  • Fog Farm

    Fog Farm (17)

    Blue Light Vapes are delighted to bring you a selection from the eJuice at Fog Farm. Fog Farm has a tasty range that satisfies your taste buds. From flavours such as Berry Sunrise to Rainbow Punch you sure to find a taste here you'll like. As this quote here says they want to make the alternative as enjoyable as possible.
     At Fog Farm we want to make this alternative as enjoyable as possible for you. This starts by having a great E liquid to go in your tank.
  • Blue Light Vapes

    Blue Light Vapes (17)

    eJuice - by Blue Light Vapes Ready to vape ejuice now available without a subscription ejuice is now available to be purchased directly by you. We have spent months crafting these recipes making sure they are ejuices that appease Vapers across the board. We’ve mastered some brilliant flavours to try. From favourites like Apple Pie to Cuba Libre a rum and cola mix that was a surprise favourite of many of our clients to date. A flavour of note from the selection is the Royal Port a rum tobacco blend mellow flavour that also appeases many Vapers.
  • Nimbus Nic Salt E-Liquids

    Nimbus Nic Salt E-Liquids (3)

    We're proud to announce our first range of Nic Salt E-Liquids. Currently available in our three most popular Flavours. Anzaac: A kiwi favourite. Buttery biscuit with a dash of vanilla. Deez Melons: A bright Watermelon flavour that leaves you wanting more. So Fresh So Clean:  A tasty Menthol flavour to help you stay fresh through the day.
  • Imported Ejuice

    Imported Ejuice (7)

    Why do we source ejuice from the USA? Because they generally have the best ejuice or eliquid on the market. With stringent documentation attached these options will have you craving for more.