Vegetable Glycerin – USP Grade, Palm Free


Our Vegetable Glycerin is sourced in New Zealand it is organic and an aid to every DIY enthusiasts ingredients.Vegetable Glycerin is an ingredient used to satisfy Vapers who like to exhale clouds of vape. Vegetable Glycerin contained in e-Juice also smooths the hit to the inhale action. Many Vapers include this in their e-Juice.




Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerine is used as a humectant solvent and emollient in cosmetic formulations.

Glycerine is soluble in water and is added to the water phase of formulations.
This Glycerine does not contain any Palm oil derivatives and is a Pharmaceutical grade, meeting the specifications of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).
It may be used internally and is fit for use in vaporizing formulations.

Vegetable Glycerin is similar to that of Propylene Glycol. It is also used for cutting of e-juice. Some people prefer Vegetable Glycerin as it has some different properties.

Vegetable Glycerin Is Available in these sizes.

Available in 200mil, 500mil and 1KG sizes

Comes in Amber Glass Bottle except for 1litre bottles with child-resistant cap

NB: Use within 2 years of purchase store out of reach and direct sunlight

  • 100ml and 200ml bottles are sold by volume
  • 1kg is packaged and sold by net weight (approx 793ml)

For reference: VG has a weight of 1.26g/ml – 1000g/1.26=793.6ml



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