Snuff Bullet


  • Easy to use- load from the bottom, rotate while holding knob and sniff
  • Holds up to 1-gram of snuff, powder, spice or crushed medicine
  • Great for a discreet night out at a bar, club or anywhere you plan to use snuff bullet
  • These plastic bullets are intended for snuff tobacco use; therefore you may experience leakage if used for fine powder. To minimize this risk, I suggest taping over the hole and adjust the size with a needle. This is common among all snuff bullets, whether metal or acrylic.
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Snuff Bullet Features

Package Includes:

1 x pcs  Package

Weight:0.020kg (0.04lb.)

Package Size:1cm x 1cm x 1cm (0.39in x 0.39in x 0.39in)

The Snuff Bullet is made of acrylic. Plastic Snuff Bullets Pipe Snuff Bullet Acrylic Clear with Clear Bottoms Rocket Shape Nasal Glass. Untwist bottom chamber, fill the chamber with your favourite snuff screw back on. Then twist the valve sniff, twist and sniff, and so on and so on!

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Black, Blue, Clear, Red


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