Legal Statement

The use of vaping products is legal in the UK and the importation of non-nicotine products and vaping products for personal use in NZ is legal.

At this time this site only accepts orders for products for UK customers (on behalf of a registered supplier) and for NZ customers (who are importing product for personal use).

New Zealand
Sales of e-cigarettes and liquids that do not contain nicotine is legal. Sales of e-cigarettes are banned for people under 18 years of age. E-cigarette advertising is not allowed.[1] Nicotine vaping products are illegal to sell.[2] Consumers wanting nicotine liquids must import it from overseas for personal use.[3] Legislation of nicotine e-liquid for retail sale, is under Ministry of Health consultation for parliamentary consideration (September 2016).

All orders from NZ accept personal responsibility for any importation of nicotine liquids from this site. Your order is processed in the UK and product is not sourced from New Zealand.
United Kingdom

All orders from UK are supplied by our registered Vape shop partner.

Products on offer may vary according to local laws: this site will not export to any country not listed in this page, and we will not accept and will refund any order for products that are not legal in the country

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