Warranty And Returns


Here is our Warranty and Returns Policy.

Expected Lifespan of Products

Clearomisers and replacement coils are disposable products that are expected to last anywhere between a few days and a few weeks, depending on usage. Batteries have an expected lifespan of 1-6 months depending on usage.

Warranty Information

All batteries, cases, chargers etc come with a 28-day warranty. Clearomisers and replacement coils, due to their disposable nature only have a ‘dead on arrival’ warranty.

Liquids cannot be returned for any reason because they are perishables. Most importantly, as liquid is ingested we need to protect all our customers from the possibility of liquids being tampered with.

Because taste is subjective (some people dislike flavours that others love) we suggest that you only order a small amount of any particular flavour initially.

If you have a problem with a product you have purchased please contact us as soon as possible. If the product is covered by DOA warranty only then you must contact us within 72 hours of receiving the product in order to be eligible to receive a replacement under warranty.

When reporting a problem with a product please give us your order number, a detailed description of the problem, and tell us what steps you’ve taken to try and remedy the problem. The more detail you give us the better, as it will reduce the number of questions we have to ask you. In a lot of cases, we’ll be able to help you resolve the problem through troubleshooting.

If the problem cannot be resolved through troubleshooting then you will be responsible for shipping the product back to us for testing, and this will be at your own cost. Please do not ship the product back to us without confirmation.

If the product is found to be defective then you will be sent a replacement, or if no replacement is available you will be offered store credit for the original purchase price. If the problem is found to be the result of user error or the result of damage through misuse/abuse, then you will be asked to cover the cost to ship the product back to you.

Returns & Cancellations

We accept returns in exchange for store credit within 14 days of the original purchase date as long as the product has not been used and all of the original packagings is intact. Returns for e-liquid and external batteries (18650, 26650 etc.) will not be accepted under any circumstances.

If you wish to return a product please contact us first and let us know your reason for returning it. Please do not ship the product back to us without confirmation. Shipping costs will not be reimbursed.

If you’ve placed an order but wish to cancel it before we send it out then please contact us as soon as possible. If the order has already been shipped then our standard returns policy applies.

Packing errors

Packing errors are extremely rare, but in the event that we send you the incorrect product, we will ask that you first ship the product back to us before we ship the correct product. We will reimburse the shipping costs, so please keep your receipt from the shipping company.